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Magnetic Me in red text. Me has three dashes above it like rays of sun.
"FriendSheep Sustainable Wool Goods" appears above a drawing of a happy sheep jumping over a blue Earth against a backdrop of yellow stars. The Earth is wrapped in a banner reading "Handmade with love for a better world."


Mountain Film is written in all capitals as one word. It is preceded by a black circle filled with a capital "M" in white sitting atop a white triangle.



The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation logo is in all caps, gray text. Below is a slogan, "Today's care. Tomorrow's cure" in orange. To the left are geometric shapes in orange, red and yellow.
The words United Spinal Association are in black against a white  background. To the left is a deep orange oval tilted to the left, with a dynamic graphic in white of a person in a wheelchair.
Parent with child on lap, in a wheelchair, with words Adaptive Parent Project in a semi-circle to the top. All in blue.
Disabled Parenting Project name and a green logo entailing circles to illustrate a parent in a wheelchair holding a child
A linear drawing in gray of a person's head and arms, with the hands forming a heart. Help and Live are in a bold teal color. Hope is in gray.
Backbones logo – Black letters on a white background. The letter "o" contains the silhouette of a person and wheelchair against a light blue backdrop.
A yellow circle with a skull with a brilliant blue eye, a knife in its teeth, wearing an earing and a red and white striped pirates hat.
This is the logo of SpinalPedia. It features a cutout of a person in a wheelchair, with the sun emanating to complete a circle with the wheel. Spinal is capitalized and green. The subtext is See it. Believe it. Do it.
Disabled is capitalized and in green. But Not Really are capitalized and in blue. The words are stacked. To the right is a person in a wheelchair, with the person and wheel in blue. An arm and leg, depicting forward momentum, are in green.
logos_red full side.png
Black background with the words Disability Unite. Expanded description: Disability is in white lettering placed above the u and the n in unite. The letters of Unite are, in order, these colors: royal blue, a golden brown, teal blue, a muted orange and a muted green.
The Ms. Wheelchair America logo which includes a light lavender color map of the United States and dark purple cursive letters that read Ms. Wheelchair America.
A purple heart with fists raised in power
The logo is a violet circle with the words "Through the Looking Glass" written around the perimeter. In the middle is an image of two adults and a baby hugging. The colors are varying shades of gray.

Interested in collaborating with us? We're passionate, committed and fun! Send us an email at Let's share the love and work together to normalize disability.

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