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What People Are Saying About
Dani's Twins

"Beautiful, powerful and demonstrates how strength and belief in oneself can combat discrimination."

- Judith Heumann, International Disability Rights Advocate

"The compelling, heartwarming and sometimes terrifying reality of this film captures childbirth in an

extraordinary way. DANI’S TWINS combines the struggles of pregnancy with issues of disability, prejudice and much more. This couple's honest journey into creating a family will entertain and educate viewers,

leaving them wishing it was a series." 

- Tobias Forrest, actor and singer

“A rare and dramatic story …  the definitive film that will give disabled mothers a community.”-

- Stephanie Soechtig, President & Founder, Atlas Films

“Dani’s story touched me in ways I didn’t know a documentary could. Being a young woman in a wheelchair, I appreciate the light it shines on various disability-related issues surrounding motherhood. Dani’s authenticity

and rawness is truly a breath of fresh air. Thank you Dani for normalizing parenting with a disability.

It has brought hope to many!”

- Vicki Thomas, Ms. Wheelchair Virginia, 2019 

"Dani’s story is powerful and incredibly timely. We are finally witnessing a shift in the way people with disabilities are being represented in the media consumer markets and leadership roles. Being a disabled mother

who works with disabled women artisans, it was important for me to support this film and its mission

to normalize mothers with disabilities."

– Valeria Isaacs, CEO, Friendsheep

“I’ve watched DANI’S TWINS twice. It is extremely moving, poignant and inspiring, and powerfully conveys Dani’s extraordinary journey in a highly relatable way – beautifully made.”

– Andrew Marszal, Entertainment Correspondent, Agence France Presse

"As a parent, caregiver and a person with a disability, DANI’S TWINS is as authentic as it is revelatory. This film not only gives voice to an often overlooked perspective but eloquently speaks to the universality of love, autonomy and the human experience.” 

- Mark Povinelli, Actor, President of Little People of America

 “Incredibly powerful and thought-provoking! Not only shedding light on the difficulties of pregnancy but also the unique perspective of a mother with a spinal cord injury. Their love story is just so powerful. Together, they are breaking barriers around the misconstrued and often-underestimated abilities of women with paralysis.“

- Kelly Green, Executive Director, Help Hope Live

“DANI’S TWINS’ story of becoming parents is something all humans will be moved by, and that’s what is special about it: you deeply understand after the 40 minute film that we are all humans on the same journey,

whether we are able-bodied or disabled.”

- Sam Ewing, Composer, “Dani’s Twins,” “The Walking Dead,” “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

“Watching Dani navigate the emotional and physical toll of pregnancy with humor and grace is inspiring and will forever change your perspective. When we first heard about the film, we knew we had to lend our support to make sure others can hear Dani’s story.” 

- Lauren Levy, Co-Founder of Magnetic Me

“A beautifully authentic film.  As a paraplegic mom of a now 33 year son, DANI’S TWINS reminds me that ableism still exists in the most personal, natural moments of our lives. Through it all, we see Dani & Rudy’s perfect family, built on a foundation of resilience, strength and the transcending power of love…

perhaps others should take notice.”

- Lisa Hayes, Disabled mom,  Healthcare Advocate and Executive Director of Rolling Start Inc.

"DANI’S TWINS fades the ignorance and gives you a glimpse into a world of motherhood where most people would think impossible in the most beautiful and virtuous ways. A must see!” 

- Angela Rockwood, Producer of "Push Girls" 

“Dani’s Twins is a beautiful love story between Dani and Rudy, and their unborn babies. The movie is brilliant as it manages to encompass so many different aspects. It teaches us. Makes us reflect upon our own values and privilege, while never downplaying the worries and concerns. It makes us smile and laugh and hope that this family be healthy and well. Dani’s Twins ultimately shows us the beauty of the human body and the resilience of the human spirit.” 

- Marjorie Aunos, Author, Disability Advocate

"DANI’S TWINS is a deeply human story that hasn’t been told before. As a disabled mom, I felt uniquely seen and empowered by this film, but it’s not just a film for people like me. DANI'S TWINS is a story for all of us, because

it’s the kind of film that will expand the way we think about partnership, motherhood, disability, and what it

means to build a beautiful life."

- Rebekah Taussig, Writer

"DANI'S TWINS is such an important story, told by Dani herself, the immense challenges she had to go through to become a mother despite society's perceptions and barriers. Loved this film and can't wait for more to see it!"

- Emma Jackson, Google Senior Manager, User Experience, Programs & Operations, Accessibility

“DANI’S TWINS challenges the outdated views society holds about disabled parenting.

It’s a beautiful exploration of the joys of interdependence that had this disabled Mum crying and smiling and feeling a little broody in equal measures.”

- Nina Tame, Disability Advocate

“An extraordinary, authentic, representation of the intersectionality of disability and becoming a mother.

This documentary beautifully captures the raw emotion faced by women with disabilities on their journey to motherhood. Thank you for showcasing how the dreams of being a parent are possible for those of us with disabilities. I cried tears of frustration and tears of joy.”

- Dr. Alette Coble-Temple, Licensed Psychologist 

“Dani’s tenacity and determination to fight for a full life for her and her children is a universal, inspiring story.

Watch DANI'S TWINS now!”

- Katie Bruckmann, Ms. Wheelchair DC 2020

“Growing up with my mom being a paraplegic, there was always such a negative stigma. ‘How does she do anything?’ Or the doctors telling her she couldn’t have any more kids because she’s handicapped. Still till this day, I always wonder if that was medical or personal advice, however here I am. I hope everyone gets to see this amazing film at some point and it opens everyone’s eyes in a positive manner. We are all humans. A mother can do anything. The proof is here.”

- Sasha Taylor, Sales at Spinergy

“Dani's Twins is both powerful and urgently needed. Despite many achievements, the right to be a parent is still not realized for all disabled people. Yet, as the film shows, people with disabilities can be capable and loving parents, when given the opportunity.”

- Robyn Powell, Law Professor and disability rights activist


“Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting are universally and simultaneously among the most joyous and challenging human experiences, regardless of disability. The Reeve Foundation is honored to work with Dani to shed light on her unique journey as she breaks down medical and societal barriers that can needlessly separate those living with paralysis from the gift of giving life.”

- Olivia Mullane, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation


“As a father who has significant disabilities I can attest that parenting is one of the greatest joys of life. Dani's Twins beautifully shows how disability need not be a deterrent to this joy!”

- Neil Jacobson, Disability Rights Advocate, Father and CEO of AbiliCorp

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