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Dani and Film Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

June 11, 2023—CBS Sunday Morning Correspondent Lee Cowan profiled Dani Izzie and family, along with  DANI'S TWINS documentary in a special feature segment. CBS Sunday Morning is the nation’s top-rated Sunday morning show, with close to 5.5 million live viewers in all key demographic categories and an online audience of some 81 million visitors a month. Dani’s beautiful story of disability, pregnancy and parenting reached audiences beyond our imagination.  more>>

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DANI'S TWINS Takes Home 11th Film Festival Award

June 7, 2023The momentum continues for DANI'S TWINS documentary. Thanks to the audiences at Port Townsend Women & Film Festival who chose our story of parenting with a disability, love and family as their favorite pick for short documentary! more>>


Perpetuo Films Announces Screening of DANI’S TWINS at Acclaimed San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

April 23, 2023—Perpetuo Films, the nonprofit production house behind DANI'S TWINS, announced today the screening of its award-winning documentary DANI’S TWINS at the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, taking place April 25-30, 2023, with a virtual encore from April 30-May 7. more>>



Renowned River Bend Film Festival Selects DANI’S TWINS for 2023 Festival Line-Up

April 21, 2023—DANI’S TWINS, an award-winning documentary that captures the pregnancy and early parenting journey of Dani Izzie, one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins, is set to add the acclaimed River Bend Film Festival to its slate of festival runs. DANI’S TWINS will screen on Friday, April 21, 3 pm, and Saturday, April 22, 10 am, at the Goshen Theater, 216 South Main, in Goshen, Indiana. more>>


DANI’S TWINS Film Set to Screen at Port Townsend Women & Film Festival

April 21, 2023—Perpetuo Films announced today the screening of its award-winning documentary DANI’S TWINS at the Port Townsend Women & Film Festival, taking place April 21-23, 2023 in the beautiful seaside village of Port Townsend, WA, with a virtual encore taking place from April 24-30. more>>


Frozen River Confers Special Jury Award

Feb 2023—Dani's Twins continued to win over audiences around the country this past week. Screening at The Frozen River Film Festival in Winona, MN, the film received the "Special Jury Award, Short."There's still time to check out the film at the virtual festival, running from Feb 12-24th. Tickets here: 


DT Wins a Golden Ticket (and an Award!)

Feb 2023—The team at Dani's Twins did another happy dance on receiving the news that it was named the "Best Female Perspective Film" at the 2023 Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival. Producer Andy Arias represented the team in accepting the award.


Dani's Twins Expands Global Reach with Rome Screening, Takes Home Third International Award

Dec 2022—DANI’S TWINS wrapped up the year another international festival award. Thanks to our amici at the Roma Short Film Festival for bestowing the award "Best DisABILITY Film." more>>


Film Team Expands Kudos to Japan

Dec 2022—The team was thrilled to receive the award for "Message of Hope" at the Tokyo International Short Film Festival, bringing their total of festival awards to 8. Check out Director Steve Dorst's interview with Tokyo Shorts


DANI’S TWINS Wins Awards at Virginia and ETHOS Film Festivals

Nov 15, 2022—DANI’S TWINS announced today that it received the "Audience Award for Best Documentary" at the 2022 Virginia Film Festival. This comes on the heels of its recent award for "Most Inspiring Film" at the Conquering Disabilities/ETHOS Film Awards, bringing the total number of festival wins for DANI’S TWINS to six since its premiere in May of this year. More>>


BBC Interview Highlights Dani's and Film's Focus on Helping Others

Nov 2, 2022--A quadriplegic woman who defied the odds and delivered twin girls in the US is sharing her story on the big screen at the Virginia Film Festival. “Dani’s Twins,” is a documentary about Dani Izzie and her journey to give birth to healthy twins. She told Newsday: “I really want to give hope and inspiration to other women…even men in my same situation to know that they can do this, to know that they can take on challenges and succeed and dispel the myths.” Listen to the interview.


Washington Post: Defying odds, quadriplegic woman in Virginia has twins

Oct 25, 2022--Before Dani Izzie became one of the few quadriplegic women known to give birth to twins, the odds were stacked against her. Since Dani Izzie got pregnant, she’s had to deal with strangers saying she’s selfish and she can’t possibly take care of her babies.  Read the article>>



VA Film Festival to Feature Dani's Twins

Oct. 13, 2022--The team behind DANI’S TWINS, a short documentary capturing the pregnancy and early parenting journey of Dani Izzie, local filmmaker and quadriplegic mom to twins, announced today its status as an official selection of the 2022 Virginia Film Festival. The award-winning film will screen on Thurs., Nov. 3 at 5 pm in Culbreth Theatre on the University of Virginia Campus. A filmmakers’ Q&A will follow. more>>


Film Calendar Fills up with Festival Screenings

Oct. 10, 2022--The Washington West Film Festival is set to screen Dani's Twins at the Tyson's Corner, VA, ShowPlace ICON Theater, 3 pm on Sat, Oct 15. Filmmaker Q&A to follow. Missed our CA screenings? We're thrilled to announce that we'll be at the Ojai Film Festival on Sun., Nov. 6, 1 pm.


Dani's Twins Holds Screening, Q&A at Iconic Castro Theatre in San Francisco

Sept. 29, 2022--The team behind Dani's Twins held a screening, filmmakers’ Q&A and lively panel discussion on #disability #access and #inclusion on Sept. 29 at the Castro Theatre. And now you can watch the post-screening conversations too!  Pics here. more>>


Dani's Twins Makes Oscar-Qualifying Run in LA

Sept. 2022Dani's Twins kicked off its LA premiere with a one-week theatrical run at the Lumiere Cinema in Beverly Hills on Sept. 23. The team was joined by friends old and new for a memorable LA launch that positions the film for possible Oscar contention. See pics. more>>


Dani's Twins Nabs Audience Award for Best Short at Pittsburgh ReelAbilities

Sept. 2022—Dani's Twins landed its third award at the Pittsburgh ReelAbilities Film Festival, held Sept 7-11, taking home the top prize for a film short. more>>


Local Team Behind Disability Justice Documentary Wins Award at DC Shorts Film Festival

Sept. 2022—The 13th edition of the seasonal Toronto Women Film Festival is excited to announce the best of each category for the summers season of 2022. The IMDb qualifying event has turned into a very popular film festival and an institution which stands with female voices and artists who have dealt with women in societies in their films. DANI'S TWINS took home the award for "Best Film about Women." more>>


DANI'S TWINS Wins Top Honors at 2022 Toronto International Women Film Festival

July 2022—The 13th edition of the seasonal Toronto Women Film Festival is excited to announce the best of each category for the summers season of 2022. The IMDb qualifying event has turned into a very popular film festival and an institution which stands with female voices and artists who have dealt with women in societies in their films. DANI'S TWINS took home the award for "Best Film about Women." more>>


Virginia Public Radio (Radio IQ, All Things Considered): Rare birth offers lessons in parenting with disabilities 

May 30, 2022—Things are a little hectic at the Izzie house in rural Madison County. The dogs offer a noisy greeting. Downstairs grandpa Alan is watching Masha and the Bear with the kids, and his son-in-law, Rudy, is on the phone with his office. Upstairs, Danielle Izzie – a marketing professional and blogger -- closes her laptop and starts making dinner. more>>


Culpeper Times: Woman uses pregnancy documentary to raise awareness 

May 26, 2022—When Dani Izzie found out she was pregnant with twins in late 2019, she did what many pregnant women do; shared her news on Facebook. But unlike most women, Izzie faced an uphill battle in light of her disability that would make her pregnancy both challenging and dangerous. more>>


WMRA: Culpeper County woman's motherhood story hits the big screen 

May 25, 2022—Dani Izzie and her husband Rudy were met with a surprise when they went to their first ultrasound appointment at the UVA Maternal and Fetal Medicine Clinic. Rudy asked the technician why there were two little blobs on the screen. DANI IZZIE: “She looked up from what she was doing and she was like, oh my goodness, that's because there's two babies. … It was like, shocking, but also, just felt like this amazing gift.” more>>


ABC7 News: New film documents quadriplegic woman's harrowing twin pregnancy  

May 23, 2022— While among the most beautiful experiences, pregnancy is also among the most difficult and overwhelming times in a woman's life. Dani Izzie knows that period unlike any other. She's the subject of the inspiring new documentary, 'Dani's Twins' -- following her harrowing journey of a risky twin pregnancy, as a quadriplegic. more>>


Quadriplegic Mom and First-Time Filmmaker Set to Premiere Groundbreaking Documentary

May 18, 2022--Dani Izzie, quadriplegic mother to twins, officially rolls into the world of filmmaking on May 26, 2022, with the world premiere of DANI’S TWINS, a short documentary, at Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, CO. Film "expected to make waves." more>>



One-in-a-Billion Documentary DANI’S TWINS to Premiere at Mountainfilm Festival

May 12, 2022--The award-winning team behind DANI’S TWINS, a new short film documenting the rare and risky twin pregnancy of a quadriplegic woman, announced today the film’s world premiere at Mountainfilm Festival in Telluride, CO, on May 26, 2022. more>> 


Mountainfilm Announces Full Film Lineup for 2022 Festival

May 10, 2022--One of North America's oldest film festivals, Mountainfilm (dubbed one of the "coolest" fests in the world) has announced the full lineup for its 44th edition and first fully in-person event since 2019. Short films billed to world premiere at the festival and expected to make waves this year include Dani's Twins. more>>


Interview with Dani Izzie, Star of "Dani's Twins"

May 5, 2022--To celebrate Mother’s Day, RespectAbility Communications Apprentice Madison Essig spoke with Dani Izzie, advocate, activist and mother with a disability. Schirmer’s journey to motherhood is the subject of the upcoming documentary film Dani’s Twins. more>> 


DANI'S TWINS Hires Sam Ewing for Documentary Score

Oct. 7, 2021—Dani's Twins is pleased to announce the addition of composer Sam Ewing to the team. Sam's work includes the Emmy-winning music for the series Da Vinci’s Demons and composition for Netflix’s Black Mirror and Amazon’s Ghost Recon: War Within the Cartel. more>> 


A Conversation with Dani Izzie about Disability and Access to Sex

Sept 2021—Dani Izzie is the subject of the documentary Dani's Twins. The film is in post-production and Dani is fielding my questions on disability, sex and ableist views around people with disabilities having children. more>>


An Insider's Guide to Pregnancy & Paralysis: Reeve Foundation

July 14, 2021—Dani Izzie is joined by Dr. Robert Fuller, University of Virginia Maternal-Fetal Medicine, for a look at the medical aspects of pregnancy and paralysis.  more>>



Disability Doin' Good Partnership: Dani's Twins Film

April 6, 2021—My name is Dani, and I became a mom to twins in 2020. I also happen to be a full-time wheelchair user due to paralysis in most of my body, including my hands, which is why I not just love but NEED the functionality of Magnetic Me in my life. more>>


Magnetic Me Announces Sponsorship of DANI'S TWINS Film

April 6, 2021--Magnetic Me announced today its sponsorship of DANI’S TWINS, an upcoming documentary providing a rare, intimate look into the pregnancy and early parenting journey of one of the few quadriplegics ever to give birth to twins. more>>


Hope Talk: Parenting & Relationships while Living with a Mobility Disability

May 26, 2021—Dani and Rudy Izzie are joined by friends and guests, Valeria and Alessandro Isaacs for an insider’s discussion of parenting and relationships with a disability. more>>


Hope Talk: Adaptive Parenting Products

March 30, 2021—Dani Izzie walks viewers through a demo of accessible products (and lack thereof) for new parents with disabilities. more>>


Oh Baby!: Quadriplegic Dani Izzie on Giving Birth to Twins

March 27, 2021—At the height of the Covid pandemic last year, quadriplegic and disability advocate Dani Izzie became one of the only quadriplegic women ever to give birth to twins. This is her story. With Olesia Plokhii. more>>


Planning for Pregnancy: 9 Things to Know

Feb 11, 2021—Like many of you prospective moms or women living with paralysis who are curious about childbearing and rearing, I wondered how on earth I would be able to carry a child and manage pregnancy, not to mention caring for an infant afterward. So, where did I start and what did I learn through my own first-time pregnancy last year? Here are nine things to help you think ahead. more>>



What’s It Like Being Pregnant and Paralyzed?

Feb 2021—I think, beyond some extra challenges such as preventing pressure sores, dealing with increased symptoms of neuropathy or dysautonomia, and some of the specific considerations that arise when it comes to labor and delivery for people with spinal cord injuries... more>>


Hope Talk: Journey to Motherhood with a Disability

Jan 28, 2021—Dani Izzie is joined by Amanda Perla and Alyssa Higgins for a candid conversation on pregnancy with a disability. Moderated by Kelley Simoneaux, The Pushy Lawyer. more>>


Abilities Expo: Disabled Pregnancy & Parenting Journey

Dec 17, 2020—Moderated by Dani's Twins Partnerships Intern Vicki Thomas, Dani Izzie gets real about disabled parenting with other moms. more>>


Parenting with a Disability: Reflections from a Quad Mom

Dec 2020—In May 2019, I made an appointment for a consultation with a high-risk obstetrician to discuss the risks of pursuing pregnancy as a quadriplegic woman. At the time, I was still in a mental space where I questioned if I could handle parenthood: "How can I take care of a child if I can barely take care of myself?”… Looking back, I see things with more clarity and realize that those questions partially came from self-doubt. more>>


Life After Paralysis: Motherhood Redefined

Nov 30, 2020—In my early twenties and the early days of my spinal cord injury, I remember thinking that so much of the rehabbing and recovering I was engaging in was to prepare me for the time in my life when I would someday become a mother (even though I didn’t even have a partner at the time). more>>


Life in 2020: Into the Fire

Nov 2, 2020—Daniela Izzie, a C6 quad who works for Spinergy, was pregnant with twins when the pandemic hit. At the time, there was a ton of uncertainty — about whether her husband, Rudy, would be allowed into the hospital, about her risk of infection and the possibility of passing it to her twins — but Izzie was confident in her doctors and care team. more>>


Disability Unite: Dani Izzie & Andy Arias are loud and proud!

July 16, 2020—People with Disabilities are proud, we're loud and we'll work together to make ourselves known. We are honored to be part of DISABILITY UNITE! more>>


Woman Who Is Quadriplegic Gives Birth to Twins During Pandemic

May 10, 2020--Dani was one of just a handful of women who are quadriplegic to carry twins making her pregnancy extra risky. Then the pandemic came. Today Dani is celebrating her first Mother's Day with twin girls. more>>


Paralyzed Virginia woman gives birth to twins during pandemic

May 7, 2020--Imagine having to give birth during the coronavirus crisis. Now, imagine being confined to a wheelchair and giving birth to twins during this pandemic. Dani Izzie is a quadriplegic. She gave birth to twin girls last month. She and her husband Rudy joined us to share their story. more>>


Quadriplegic Woman Becomes Mother of Twins after High-Risk Birth

May 7, 2020–Paralyzed from the chest down, Daniela Izzie (pronounced eye-zay) experienced a moving miracle on April 24 when she became the proud first-time mother of twins following an exceptionally rare and high-risk pregnancy in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. more>>

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